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Meet the Founder

Shonda Smith has spent years educating youth to reach their highest potential. With an 18 year career as a Licensed Elementary School Teacher, this Mompreneur is passionate about teaching girls how to go after their dreams fearlessly, overcome challenges, and R.E.I.G.N. in their lives while “Becoming The Queen Within!”

Her R.E.I.G.N. as Mrs. Mompreneur with the Ms. Corporate America Pageant Competition models a life of continued growth and potential in spite of life’s challenges.

Past Girls Empowerment Events

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Featuring our End-of-Year 1st Annual EmpowerHER Crowning Celebration! During this momentous occasion, we recognize girls for their accomplishments throughout the year and announce their Vision for their future! 

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Discover The Queen Within

Our Mission

Since 2016, our mission at The Queen In Me has been to teach young girls Self-Love, Self-Empowerment, Self-Confidence, & Body-Protection practices, so that they can reach their highest potential and R.E.I.G.N in their lives while “Becoming The Queen Within!”

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform the lives of girls worldwide through teaching, speaking, workshops, online courses, and inspirational products.

Our 5-Week Online Course Series, Girls R.E.I.G.N. consists of 5 Principles.

  • Recognizing Her Royalty– the way she treats her body (teaching heathy lifestyle, healthy body image, Self-Love, Body Ownership Awareness-BOA, and Body Protection)
  • Embracing/Empowering/Esteeming Herself– love, nurture, respect, and value (teaching the Power of Her Voice through Affirmations, Etiquette, and Confidence Building Techniques)
  • Identifying Her True Self– Who am I? (teaching how to determine her True Identity that’s tied to her Core Values, Beliefs, Passions and Purpose)
  • Governing Her Gifts & Talents With Gratitude– Discovery & Use of unique Strengths and Service to others in order to live a life of Purpose (helping her Unlock her Passion, teaching the significance of sharing them with the world, and the benefits of having an Attitude of Gratitude)
  • Nurturing Her  V.I.S.I.O.N. – Dream Big, Shine Bright, Be Fearless (teaching Strategic Planning and how to create a Vision Board for her future as well as Business Basics for Kidpreneurship (Kids Business Strategies).

From affirmations to community service, planning vision boards to learning how to protect the body, we give Tween & Teen Girls the tools they need to reach their highest potential while building confidence to always believe in themselves.

After successful completion of all 5 classes, our Little Queens are Crowned with a Full Crown, Signature Sash, and Certificate as our Guests of Honor at our Annual EmpowerHER Crowning Celebration with special recognition of all additional accomplishments for the year and announcement of her Vision for her future!

We encourage the commitment to ongoing Personal Development!

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