HOME Buyer Do's & Don't's

Looking for a new home? Follow these helpful tips to put yourself in the best position to buy your next home!


  • Do spend wisely
  • Do get pre-qualified
  • Do review your credit report
  • Do keep cash in the same account for the next few months
  • Do pay down credit cards and debt as much as possible
  • Do ask questions when you are unsure before taking action steps
  • Do continue making rent / mortgage payments
  • Do start saving money


  • Don’t change jobs
  • Don’t finance another car
  • Don’t open up new credit cards or loan accounts
  • Don’t purchase a home at the top of your budget
  • Don’t fall in love with a home before you contract
  • Don’t move money around between bank accounts
  • Don’t pay off collections or charge-offs
  • Don’t co-sign for others
  • Don’t max out credit cards
  • Don’t make cash deposits
  • Don’t make late payments

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